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Melioidosis-Tropical Disease endemic to the Delta

From: Ron Norris Adv Tm 68 Vinh Long prov Vung Liem Dist 68-69-india38@mindspring.com
Date: 04 Mar 2003
Time: 15:30:12
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Melioidosis caused by Burkholderia Pseudomallei bacteria is common in the soil & water of the Delta. After 09/11 CDC has classified it as a potential biological warfare agent. One can be infected by inhaling water mist or dust generated by fixed wing aircraft or heliocopters, also eating local foods, exposure of open wounds, cuts abrasions to contaminated soil/water. It can remain in your body for an unknown number of years & can cause additional infection in any disease or physical codition you may get.Guys, no cure exists to date although intensive research has continued for the past 20 years in SE Asia, Australia and Europe. Sadly, the US medical comunity (including VA)knows very little about any tropical disease and there has been recently an increase in the number of Vietnam Veteran deaths diagnosed postmortem. Interestingly, Melioidosis has been tied to TYPE II DIABETES and PORPHYRIA CUTEANEA TARDA(2 diseases the VA says MAY be related to Agent Orange exposure!). It is primarily a pulmonary disease but can affect ANY part of the body(It can remain latent in the body for years without becoming active). It may also produce brain lesions and lesions on other internal organs which usually have no symptoms until very advanced. Normally it may become active when the immune system is surpressed. VA will provide you with blood serum testing; however, they may tell you a low titer antibody count means you do not have it(Research has proven that a low antibody count in the blood stream is insignificant - that it can still be active in other parts of the body). I was diagnosed in '82 by VA, but it has been a struggle to educate doctors in my VA region by taking them copies of latest research reports. I have had no serious consequences to date but the bacteria has shown up in cultures done for my frequent bouts with brochial,urinry, colon infections and with chronic sinusitis. for more info key in "Melioidosis" on your search engine. www.google.com will give the most results. "Better safe...than sorry!" GET TESTED!!

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