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Re: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Department of Vete...

From: Tom Abraham
Date: 25 May 2001
Time: 23:28:02
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I agree with you completely, unfortunately the law is very clear on the issue. Your brother has met one of the criteria for PTSD, he has a diagnosis from a doctor that he suffers from the condition. The VA requires that a veteran must have a proven "stressor" which could include a purple heart or a combat ribbon. If your brother does not have a such awards, the VA will then look at at the unit he was in. If your brother was in a combat zone or engaged in combat, it is hoped that that event would be documented. If not, your brother must prove that he was engaged in combat, I would assume that is why he must produced that material that you write about, nothing has been documented by the Army about his unit being in combat. I WOULD STRONGLY ENCOURAGE your brother to find someone who was in his unit to verify the envent that so he can get the needed compensation and medical care he deserves. Many of the veterans organization have monthly or bimonthly magazines that offer veterans an oppurtunity to write in and publish the materials they need so they can find people who were in their units to verify such events. I would also encourage you to write your represenative and explain what your brother is going through. We are approaching Memorial Day, a day to honor people such as your brother. The Nation owes him a big "Thank You", perhaps your reprentative will honor his service and help change the criteria that blocks many veterans such as your brother the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately change within the VA is slow, as is the claims process. How long did your brother have to wait until he found he needed to produce such documentation?

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