327th Signal Company

  The 327th Sig Co was a "new" Company, formed at Ft.Bragg, '66-67.  The 327th went over to Nam on the USS Geiger and established its Headquarters at Long Binh Junction, just up the hill from LBJ. The 327th took over the IV Corps duties of the 362nd Sig Co. "HANG LOOSE WITH THE DEUCE".

   Seven of us from the 362nd who had been atop LBM, (Lang Bian Mtn) above DaLat in II Corps flew down to Binh Thuy in two C-130's with an AN/TRC-132 Van, two deuce-and-a-half's and a 45KVA generator.  Our first task was to remove the top three(3) six-foot sections of the 180', to lower the height to 162'.

  We did all this without any training or technical manuals.  Then we "jerry-rigged" brackets to mount our Tropo dishes at 90' and 120' to establish a Tropo link to Octopus Tropo at Ton Son Nhut Air Base in Saigon.

  Later we were bolstered by additional troops from the 327th and a Micro-wave Detachment was also established in town nearer the Eakin Compound.

  Originally we were billeted in the "PINK PALACE" but then quickly moved into the lower rent "CHEAP CHARLIE'S HOTEL" in the Ben Xe Moi district on the West side of Can Tho, diagonally across the street from the MP compound.

  It was late November before there was enough of the 2-story "Jungle Barracks" constructed so that we were able to move to the Airfield.

  We did "chow" at the 13th Av. Bn. Mess hall which was a great improvement from the conditions back atop LBM, but we always tried to find an excuse to be at Binh Thuy Air Base around mealtime so we could sign the guest roster and eat with the flyboys there.  It was like going to a restaurant, they had red & white checkered tablecloths and real dishes, I rember one chicken dinner there as being the best meal I ever had during my year in Nam.

  I DEROSED on 5 March and considered the TET '68 offensive to be my "short timers party".  I'd like to hear from any of the CAN THO TROPO or CAN THO MICROWAVE personnel from that time or later. Remember, The 327th Sig Co "THE FINEST COM IN VIET NAM"

Bill Grohoski 32E20, US51619809